Welcome to Halish.co.uk


Hello! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet.


Who are you?

I'm Halish! I'm just a regular guy who you may have beaten at Rocket League or chatted to on discord. If you were unlucky enough to lose to me at a video game, I'm sorry. It was most definitely fluke on my part.


Why am I here?

I have no idea. I use this website as just storage for certain bits and bobs and also as a bit of a hobby to chill out, do some graphic and web design. There really is nothing for you to do here ... but that doesn't mean i'm not super happy to see you!


Can you help me leave?

Sure! Just find the url or search bar at the top of your browser (it's .. just .. at the top .. up there ^^^^^^) and search for google which will hopefully allow you to find your way to something far more interesting. If you're still stuck it's probably best you just get up and leave the computer to someone more qualified.


Thanks for you help .. I guess.

You're welcome!

Happy Travels!


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